Phil Scott: Lowe’s will destroy local businesses |

Phil Scott: Lowe’s will destroy local businesses

Phil Scott
Round Rock, Texas

We are visiting your area from Texas and have been reading your paper daily. I could not help but laugh at the results of the study (paid for by Lowe’s) regarding the impact of the Lowe’s store on local established businesses.

When Lowe’s and Home Depot came to our home town, ALL hardware stores went out of business almost immediately-certainly within a year. All but one of the existing nurseries were also put out of business. Soon, you too will be going to Lowe’s and buying a package of screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners, etc. even though may need only one of them for the repair job at hand.

Enjoy your locally owned hardware and plant related businesses while you can.

Also this, from a traffic standpoint, how will the residents of Wildernest get to and from their homes? I see no way to avoid the extreme additional traffic the Lowe’s store will bring.

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