PinPin Films makes money by giving it away |

PinPin Films makes money by giving it away

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BRECKENRIDGE ” For their seventh film, locally based Pin Pin Films lowered the price of their snowboard movie from the standard $25 to just $10.

At first concerned that the price would imply to consumers a lesser quality, they were soon proven wrong, as “PinPin Lucky 7’s” became their biggest seller to date.

They took it the ultimate step further for “PinPin Crazee 8’s” by making the snowboarding flick, which features all new spots in Colorado’s backcountry, totally free. But they don’t stop there ” all their films, which include snowboard and pinball movies every year since 2000 ” are free to download off their website,

PinPin Films snowboarder and producer Tom Miller, aka Trailer Tom, said they did this to “spread the love” and to get more exposure.

But it’s also a savvy business move, staying ahead of the trend.

“I think video and film is going the same direction as music …” Miller said. “With films in general, it’s an artform that’s becoming more and more free all the time.”

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With DVDs for sale for about $5, and a box set of all their films for $18, Miller said sales this year have been great so far.

Launched on Feb. 3, he cited 82,000 hits as of Feb. 15, with five percent of newcomers to the website purchasing something.

For “PinPin Crazee 8’s,” viewers will catch up with familiar Pin Pin riders, in unfamiliar Colorado backcountry terrain.

“I really wanted to make every shot something people had not seen before,” Miller said.

Mission accomplished. The 2008 snowboard film features Nate Dogggg wakeboarding on a snowboard in full snowboard gear, Ryan Knapton riding in a suit of lights shot in the dark, along with quite a few tricks off of and through a cabin located north of Breck in the backcountry.

And as Miller said, that’s why it’s called “Crazee 8s,” “not just plain 8s.”

Along with online, DVDs of Pin Pin Film’s latest work are also available at The Big Hit in Breckenridge.

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