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Please support LAPS

Amanda FoleyBreckenridge

I would like to give light and thanks to a certain organization some of you may know about, and some of you may not. The organization is called LAPS, League for Animals and People of the Summit. It is located in Summit County, and is a nonprofit organization with many programs that help low-income families with animals in need of medical treatment. Some of you may have heard the story about my dog, Scrappy, who was shot in Blue River during the Christmas holidays. LAPS (along with many other kind people/companies) assisted us tremendously in getting Scrappy back to normal. Scrappy ended up needing major surgery, and LAPS made that surgery possible. I want to say “Thank you” to LAPS from the bottom of my heart. This is not the first time they have provided Scrappy and I with assistance. They helped Scrappy when he was a puppy and had Parvo (a deadly disease that required him to be on life support for a week). I hope that LAPS has helped some of you reading this, reminding you of the necessity for this organization. I hope those reading this that have not been helped by LAPS understand its importance as well.The bottom line is, it is the community that keeps LAPS going, and the community that ended up helping Scrappy live and be a fully-functioning dog. I for one will be joining LAPS, and will be trying to contribute any way I can. I hope that this touches your heart and encourages you to join and/or donate, as they truly do help Summit County animals/animal owners in need. Words cannot express my gratitude, and I’m sure many of you can agree. For more information on LAPS, please go to, or e-mail

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