Please think of Lily |

Please think of Lily

Anna PerezSilverthorne

Recently some very dear friends of mine found out their little girl had leukemia. They live here in Summit County and are some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Lilly is not yet 3 years old and enduring extremely aggressive treatments. During the times I have visited, she still had a smile on her face and a welcome hug for me.I feel this is the time to tell the story of Lily. This time of year so many of us are rushing here and there to get presents, trees, groceries, lift tickets to make that “perfect” Christmas. In all this rush, we miss what Christmas is all about.I have lost most of my family to cancer, illness, and accidents. Through God my faith has grown rock solid through these many tragedies. I do however still catch myself asking why when I hear about things like Lily and others in this county dealing with such struggles.I have asked a friend to put Lily’s story into better words and I feel he did that and more.A Prayer for Lilyby Aaron JenningsWe stand on a hillock and in the distance a lone sapling standsstrong, flowers tend to sprout near it.not sparked by God.Storm clouds rise but sunlight bursts through varyingly and quick trying to find a purchase.Not far away a little girl is sickNot far away that same little girl is happyNot far away her parents ask why why why why why whyunendinglyand the little girl plays with her dolls and is happyAt the hillock we witness a struggle, like surveying a battle from afar.The sapling is blowing in the wind to and fro flames strike nearbythe storm bellows and churns and dousesthe sapling is charred and injured and in painNot far away the little girl sees angels dancing outside her window as flickering snowflakes swirling in the sunlightand her parents still ask why why whyand the fires burn, and the storm rolls along, and the squirrels and ospreys make new homesand from atop the hill the struggle abates and we walk away somberbut in a year we return and we notice something strange and wonderful;the sapling is now a small treewith more leaves and more branchesand her roots are deeper in the new earthall around her flowers bloomwhite ones

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