Plight of Tiger Road neighborhood shows what Breck has become |

Plight of Tiger Road neighborhood shows what Breck has become

Tiger Road holds the remnants of a community headed for extinction. The heart and help of the neighbors who congregate at the end of the dirt road allow each to live the simple life, one without electricity, without running water or indoor toilet, sometimes without phones.Together it is made possible. In the winter, friends commune to chop wood, plow driveways and check on each other’s health and well-being.In the summer, they congregate over meals and celebrations of milder weather and planting of flowers.B&B Mines selling of its Tiger Road acreage to the county and Breckenridge Open Space programs was a deal that had been in the making for several years – years that the residents who lived on the land continued to pay rent, love, conserve and protect the area.This past fall, B&B Mines sent out eviction notices. It is selling the land with people attached to it. Greedy to collect for as long as it could before the dreaded time came, the final time to be out is April.This is before the snow is even melted. How is one supposed to get the stuff from the yard if it is frozen to the ground?By April, years of living the pioneer life, the life that Breckenridge was originally founded on, will be bulldozed to the ground.Land will become open space at the cost of families, community and life.I am suspecting of this “open space.” It seems like a long-term scam.Buy prime land now, hold on to it for a while, long enough so that people forget the intent or don’t care anymore, then sell it for the big dollars.The mansions down the road will creep onto “open space” land and give Breckenridge needed town income in years to come.This town is no longer a community, it is a tourist destination, one that has excluded the common person and made those who founded it feel like outsiders on their own streets.The acquisition of this land and the transformation into “open space” has alienated and abandoned longtime residents and business owners who have lived there in peace with the natural surroundings for years.Many are leaving Summit County. Say goodbye to what you built with your own two hands. Say goodbye to your neighbors, to what you loved. Time to leave.The spirit of Breck has been transferred to those that don’t know the way of the pioneer. You call it advancement, I call it a shame, to not be able to recognize the simple perfection of things as they were. I will not forget. Goodbye friends.

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