Plunkett: The world after money |

Plunkett: The world after money

Ed Plunkett

When the world’s peoples stop using money and exchange and abandon private ownership of property, the following conditions will quickly be alleviated or come to an end: scarcity; poverty; theft and criminality; incarceration; slavery; wage-slavery; most violence, including bullying, molestation, rape, and murder; class-consciousness and inequality; warfare; hoarding, including the hoarding of ideas and inventions; most lifestyle-related illnesses; the suppression of individual uniqueness and free expression; the suppression of social commonalities; the suppression of knowledge, learning, intelligence, common sense, and wisdom; mass mind-control, including propaganda; the destruction of family and community relationships; despeciation and environmental ruin; the perceived separation of humans from nature; the denial of death, grief, and life.

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