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Pocotte: Emily Boyd vital component of Peak A Boo Toys too

Maggie Pocotte

Re: “When Santa outsources, he looks to Summit County shops,” by Jessica Smith, Dec. 18

After reading an article regarding local toy stores, it came to our attention that a vital component of Peak A Boo Toys was devastatingly left out of the story. Emily Boyd is equally as an important factor to our wonderful emporium as Jeff. There is a lot of work involved with running a toy store. As Jeff manages the office, Emily handles the ordering, and they both offer exceptionally customer service.

Emily was the primary baker at Mountain Java where locals devoured her cookies and pastries. Now at that the Boyds own Peak A Boo Toys, Emily still offers the same hardworking devotion. Even the kids, Ruthie and Henry, help out. Emily spends hours after hours with reps looking through piles of catalogs hunting down the hottest new toys. Once the abundance of shipments arrive, Emily and her crew work to make room for all the merchandise, which can be a very tricky task. With a lot of hard work, knowledge of the items, and an eye for symmetry and balance of displays, Emily does a wonderful job of keeping an organized and inviting store. Peak A Boo Toys is like any other crazy family. Everyone does their part, no matter how big or how small, every member matters and are all integral parts of what makes up the Peak A Boo Toys Family.

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