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Police blotter: 4-8-13

Daily News staff reports

Editor’s note: The police blotter is written from incident reports provided by local police departments and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. All individuals named are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

A man was arrested on charges of assault and criminal mischief March 30, after he called authorities to report an altercation with another driver.

The man told dispatchers he was the one who had been assaulted by a woman in another car who had spit in his face and threatened to kill him, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

But when authorities arrived on scene, the other driver and witnesses to the incident suggested he had been the aggressor and had smashed a window in the woman’s car, causing flying glass to injure her and her young son, the report states.

The woman and the witnesses told deputies the man had pulled in front of the woman’s car going well over the speed limit on Highway 6 in the Keystone area, and repeatedly brake-checked, almost causing her to lose control of her vehicle, the report states.

She told authorities she motioned for the man to pull over, which they both did, walked over to his car and yelled at him for his driving, the report states, before returning to her own vehicle. She said her son began yelling that the other driver was approaching their car with a gun. The man admitted using the object – which turned out to be a screw drivier, not a gun – to smash the woman’s window, sending glass over the woman and her son, who both suffered cuts to the face and arms in the incident, according to the report.

The man told authorities he broke the window because he was afraid the woman had a weapon in her car. He then drove away and called 911 say he’d been assaulted, according to the report.

The report states the man did not have any injuries and was vague and continually changed his story. He was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, criminal mischief for breaking the window, which was valued at up to $1,000, and reckless driving.

A man who reportedly complained to his neighbors that the noise from a party they were having was keeping him awake, was reportedly jumped by some of the party-goers.

The man told authorities he’d gone to the upper floor of his apartment complex just after 2 a.m. April 1, to ask people who were having a loud party above him to quiet down, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

He said a few of the men he confronted followed him back to his apartment and began punching him, the report states. He suffered injuries to his face and was reportedly acting “spacey” and incoherent while speaking with authorities, according to the report.

Deputies were able to track down two individuals suspected of involvement in the incident and both were charged with third-degree assault.

The mother of an elementary-aged student who came to school with a black eye was arrested March 13, after an investigation indicated she had hit the child, who was asleep at the time, according to a report from the Silverthorne Police Department.

The children were removed from the home and the mother was arrested and taken to jail, according to the report.

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