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Police blotter: Woman holds off burglar

Daily News staff report

A Silverthorne woman foiled a break-in attempt Aug. 6, when she wedged a metal bar against her front door as someone was attempting to kick it in in the middle of the night.

A report from the Silverthorne Police Department indicates the woman’s cousin and cousin’s husband, with whom the victim had an ongoing disagreement, are suspects in the case.

The woman told Silverthorne police officers she was home with her two young children around 12:30 a.m. when the sound of someone kicking her front door woke her up, according to the police report.

She told authorities she got up to investigate and propped the metal bar against the door. The kicking eventually stopped, she reported, but she then heard someone attempting to break in through her bedroom window.

The woman said she was too scared to look out the window, according to the report.

She reported the incident to Silverthorne police the following morning, saying her phone was shut off when the break in attempt occurred.

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The report indicates the woman’s door frame was broken and the metal pipe she’d propped against the door was bent. The tires on her SUV had also been slashed, according to the report.

The victim told police she suspected her cousin and her cousin’s husband were involved in the incident because they had been trying to take her kids from her, the report stated.

The report indicated that the case is active and officers are confident arrests are imminent.

A man was arrested after he allegedly beat up his wife at a hotel in Silverthorne Aug. 10.

The woman had a protection order against her husband at the time of the reported attack.

The suspect was charged with third-degree assault, domestic violence, harassment, two counts of violation of a restraining order, criminal impersonation and obstruction of telephone use, according to a report from the Silverthorne Police Department.

Officers responded to a call of domestic violence just after 11 p.m. on Aug. 10 and found the husband and wife in separate rooms at the same inn.

The woman was crying and had suffered numerous injuries on her face, according to the report. She told officers her husband had assaulted her before.

The woman reportedly told officers she was in her room when her husband barged in drunk saying he wanted to talk to her, according to the report. When she said no, he reportedly attacked her physically and later took her phone from her when she attempted to call 911, the report stated.

The suspect arrested refused to make a statement, but lied to officers about his identity, according to the report.

Two men found smoking marijuana publicly in Frisco were cited Aug. 16, when they admitted to police officers they were using and in possession of the drug without a medical marijuana license.

Officers approached the two men and a third individual who was not cited at approximately midnight near a bar on Frisco Main Street, according to a police report.

The officer reported smelling what he identified as marijuana. Both men allegedly later admitted to having it with them and handed over small quantities of the drug, as well as paraphernalia to officers, according to the report.

Both were summoned for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. The third individual, who had reportedly not smoked or been in possession of any controlled substance was released, the report stated.