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Ponds: The tyranny of feel-good legislation

I am quite troubled by our president’s and vice president’s efforts to circumvent the separation of powers to change current gun laws and the Second Amendment. Unfounded good intentions fly in the face of the facts of safe gun ownership. Our current leaders seem to care nothing about the Bill of Rights and everything about their agenda with regard to gun laws. The current motives do nothing to solve the reality of radical and, in most cases, insane individuals that would do what they intend to do with sarin gas or any other weapon they could use. Even a Harvard study has shown no correlation between gun ownership and violent crime. Nations with stringent anti-gun laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those that do not, according to the study. The Second Amendment was created not so people could hunt, but so a government would not dare revert to tyranny lest the people rise and stop what we left one for in the first place.

Like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who would have me restricted to only a 16 ounce soda instead of a 32, does it occur to anti-Second Amendment people that these proposals only cause the individual insane person to equip themselves with simply more small clips or more weapons (the analogy is, buy two 16-ouncers at market instead of one). When will thinking, instead of the Band-aid mentality of reacting, return to the American Idol set, gullible to the next subject for political gain?

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