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Pooped on Boreas Pass

Vera "Gromova" GesseWildernest

Have you been at the Boreas Pass Trail lately? I have. I’ve been there on last Wednesday, Feb. 7, when trail was already packed with snowmobiles, hikers and skiers tracks. Sun already melted the fresh snow, and all dogs poop came to the view – sometimes I really have to look very carefully not to step in it, especially the first mile. Closer to the parking lot, more poop is there. It reminded me of a lab at the veterinary clinic. But it’s not the veterinary lab. It’s our beautiful mountains! I started to wonder, who are those people who can’t pick up after their dog? I know Summit County people love dogs, some families have two or three of them, so based on quantity of the poop it must be locals. Those great local people, who love their mountains, who love the place where they live, who are proud of their county. So, why can’t they pick up after their dogs? Why they don’t want to keep their beloved woods and trails, and mountains clean? I’ve also noticed that the same problem with dogs’ poop exists on all trails that are located close to the residential areas. So, how can we keep our trails and mountains clean? What can help us to do it? Here are my suggestions. Since people who don’t pick up after their beloved dogs know who they are, let them send an anonymous donation to the Summit County Animal Shelter because the shelter always can use donation. (And by the way, people and volunteers who work with dogs at animal shelters and taking them for a walk always pick up after them, though those dogs do not belong to them.) Before owners take a dog for a walk, pick up the grocery bag from home (everybody has them), pick up after your dog and take it away to the waste containers. Address all dog owners everywhere to be very conscious about cleaning up after their animals. Let’s keep our mountains and woods beautiful and clean as they are meant to be, they are for us to enjoy.

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