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Pork barrel, abortion rights and misplaced votes

Thanks to my friend Marie Roberts for calling to our attention the “sneak attack” by Congress on a woman’s right to knowledge about abortion in the omnibus $388 billion budget bill. Actually it’s much worse than she says, and it’s only the first assault. If I am to believe the New York Times editorial this morning (Dec. 3), this gargantuan bill, mostly unread, contains such “pork barrel” as $100,000 for Punxatawney Weather Museum in Pennsylvania and $335,000 to protect sunflowers from blackbirds in North Dakota. It also includes the rider giving health care companies the right to ignore a woman’s right to choose an abortion by making it illegal for doctors to mention the option of abortion for newly pregnant women.Obviously, for women’s rights the future bodes much worse than incidental (?) pet spending projects. The right-wing reactionaries elected in many states are planning nothing less than the reversal of Roe vs. Wade in the very near future. The next battle will be in the Supreme Court from which Chief Justice William Rehnquist is expected to announce his resignation. Having already passed the Partial Birth-Abortion Ban Act of 2003, right-wing reactionary members of Congress will next try to pass the “Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act” purportedly to discourage abortions after 20 weeks.For those who voted for President Bush, this is one of the (unintended) consequences of your misplaced vote. Let us hope and pray that our newly elected Sen. Ken Salazar and Rep. Mark Udall will hold fast against the right-wing reactionary Republicans.

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