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Powell: Bigger-picture perspective needed

Misty Powell

Re. “137 abortions per hour every hour,” by Jeanne Saeger, letters, Sept. 4

How small-minded you must be to simply see a number and react. We need an ability to let our perspective be of the bigger picture, longer view with a wider field of vision. We’ll bypass the health of the woman and focus on the child, since that seems to be the argument here. What world will this child grow up in? A world where their parents/single parent weren’t ready and therefore could not provide the emotional, educational, and simply sustainable needs of this child. A poorer or unwanted child is more likely to turn to crime.

So not only are you bringing a child into a world where they will be harmed by not having their needs met, but they will continue the cycle of bringing harm into the world. The book ‘Freakonomics’ uses causality to come to the Donohue-Levitt hypothesis that because of abortion becoming legal in the ’70s those unwanted improperly cared for babies weren’t born, therefore weren’t there in the ’90s to commit crimes; crime dropped substantially. Think of all the possible situations this child could be exposed to. A family with too many children, money and attention stretched too thin. They need government assistance which stretches our debt and taxes. Not to mention overpopulation and the worlds’ resources stretched thin as well. We need to be evolved and use logic and reason, the skills we have been given in this world, to make it better. Things just aren’t the way they are for absolutely no reason. We need to use everything at our disposal to decipher this world to continue advancing; moving forward in time, not back. Otherwise we are the fools who can’t learn from our history, mistakes, and simple common sense.

Misty Powell, Dillon