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Power: Big-box stores displace local merchants

Terrence Power

Re: Blaming closures on Lowe’s is disappointing,” by Josh Stuhr, letters, Dec. 12

This is in response to Josh Stuhr’s letter on Dec. 13 regarding Lowe’s. I’m a CPA and small business proponent. Big-box stores displace local merchants because they can’t compete on price. The Town of Silverthorne took advantage of the fact that Bighorn wasn’t granted an exclusivity clause when they were originally approved by the town to build their store. Silverthorne made the conscious decision to allow Lowes to build, knowing full well it would increase their tax collections, but at the cost of displacing local businesses. I’ve lived here for 25 years and never noticed the conspicuous absence of big-box retailers. We all survived quite well without Lowe’s, and no doubt would continue to do so should they close the store here, just like they did in Denver at Alameda Square. When I heard they were coming, I looked at Lowe’s financial statements. I concluded that their financial health was mediocre to poor. I wouldn’t have made the business decision the town of Silverthorne did because I’m not a big fan of lose-win outcomes. The big bucks get funneled elsewhere, instead of staying here where they belong. In my mind, that’s a losing proposition for the community and the small businesses and their support businesses. I happen to be one of the losers because I lost a good client, one of the better members of our community, with the opening of Lowes. Did this not occur to you Josh? It seems obvious to me.

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