Pro Home Depot ad was misleading |

Pro Home Depot ad was misleading

Jon KreamelmeyerFormer Frisco Town Council member

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the Friends of Frisco’s full-page spread in the local paper. The ad contains several bullet points explaining why Home Depot will be the best thing for our small mountain town. Although I feel many of the points do not tell the whole story and many contain some hidden agendas, the final bullet point concerns me. It states, money from the sale of the 9.4-acre parcel is the only way the town can ensure funding to relocate CMC to Frisco. This statement is very misleading, and it seems to imply that a vote against Home Depot is a vote against CMC. This is not true.The preferred site for CMC is land on the Dam Road. To my knowledge, this land belongs to the Forest Service and is outside Frisco’s city limits. Normally, the Forest Service is not in the real estate business, therefore they do not just sell off a piece of the forest. To obtain a piece of this property, land has to be traded, and possibly some money exchanged to achieve equal values to both parties. Believe it or not, this process can take some time. Considering the federal government, this process might take longer than anyone would like. In so far as the public knows, no negotiations have begun, no price has been set and no conditions have been put in place for trading lands. So without some really important information, how can anyone truthfully claim that the sale of 9.4 acres is the only way? Cost unknown. Nature of the land trade – unknown. Length of negotiations – unknown. CMC’s second choice after the Dam Road site is land somewhere near the County Commons or the entrance to the peninsula. Now, before the hair on your neck bristles, consider the example of the CMC campus in Leadville. It’s integrated very nicely with the town’s cross country and biking trails. My point is this: There are alternatives, and some do not require sacrificing ourselves to Home Depot.

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