Proposed motorcycle trail at Tenderfoot awaits impact study |

Proposed motorcycle trail at Tenderfoot awaits impact study

Paige Blankenbuehler
summit daily news

The U.S. Forest Service anticipates releasing an environmental assessment of the proposed 21-mile motorcycle trail system in Tenderfoot Mountain late summer or early fall.

When the assessment is released, a 30-day comment period will allow members of the public to weigh in on the findings.

From the comment period, the Forest Service will assess all questions and concerns before deciding official, Scott Fitzwilliams with the Forest Service, opts for the approval or denial of the 21-mile trail system.

Ken Waugh, recreation staff officer for the Dillon Ranger District, mapped out seven locations from Corinthian Hills to Keystone that might be affected by noise from motorcyclists using the trail system.

The trail system is being proposed because the dirt bike recreational use isn’t well represented in the multi-use national forest, officials say. Currently, they’re primarily limited to riding forest roads, which aren’t as adventurous or scenic as a dedicated singletrack system.

“User-made trails currently throughout Tenderfoot Mountain are steep and not sustainable,” Waugh said. “We want to change the persona of the trail from a unruly area to one that offers motorcyclists a nice ride through the woods.”

The trail system would offer a winding trail less than 5 percent in steep grade with challenging, narrow, rocky and winding areas, Waugh said.

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