Prosence: How can voters consider Obama? |

Prosence: How can voters consider Obama?

Dick Prosence

In his book “Injustice”, Regnery, 2011, J. Christian Adams documents shenanigans pulled by the U.S. Department of Justice under the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder with, no doubt, complete and full knowledge and approval of President Obama. A voter intimidation case, fully recorded on video, was dropped by DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Their agenda includes bazaar things such as insisting on the rights of children to attend school dressed as transvestites, and of teachers to attend Mecca on paid vacations. The most insidious action is carefully screening of new lawyers to assure only radical leftists are hired. This new cadre will be difficult to remove, even by a new president with different views regarding “equal justice for all.” It is like having a cancer in our government that can only be nibbled at on the edges. The “fast and furious” debacle, which resulted in the death of one of our lawmen, has led to a high government official, “Holder,” being held in contempt of Congress. How bad can it get?

How did voters of our country elect a president who skirts the law so consistently and gathers a staff composed of mostly Marxists and communists upon whom he relies for advice and recommendations? How can intelligent voters even consider giving President Obama another four years as President of the United States?

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