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Put I-70 burden on ski resorts

Tim Wheeler
Clear Creek County

I feel some points need to be made regarding the Interstate 70 corridor and what needs to be done now and later. First, management of the large ski areas west of Denver bear a significant responsibility for the current weekend gridlock that besets local residents and those involved in travel along the corridor.

Fourteen years ago, someone had the somewhat cynical and predatory idea of reducing season pass rates by 500 percent. The immediate impact was not devastating, but now it is.

If the price of season passes were to rise to normal market levels again, or if those discounted passes were restricted to weekday use only, that would go a long way in reducing weekend traffic and attendant hardships, yes?

Second, ski area management has done next to nothing to promote carpooling or to set up a substantive bus transportation network for skiers or those attempting to get to ski properties.

Stockholders should be up in arms at the fact that their corporations are serving as such poor and utterly irresponsible neighbors. Also, the MBAs working for these corporations should be ashamed of themselves for overlooking a simple opportunity for the stockholders (i.e. raising season pass prices by 600 percent to yield a net increase in pass revenue of 200-300 percent).

Perhaps a class-action suit will be the only way to get their attention? I hope not.