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Q&A: Searching the Web for pictures

by eRin pheiL

I’m surprised that people continue to send in such good questions. Shouldn’t you all be outside in the sun? All your computer problems would be solved if you simply turned your darned machines off and enjoyed the sunshine.Ha! For those of us who don’t have the option, let’s take a look at some good questions and answers for today.QI use AOL Search, MSN Search and sometimes Google to look for things on the Web. I wanted to know, though, if there is a good way to actually search for pictures and images on the Web as well. Sometimes I use the Google image search, but I was curious if there is anything else.

AThough I tend to be somewhat partial to Google’s image search, many people like using a site called “Ditto.” Take a peek at http://www.ditto.com. Here you can type in a search and all your results will be images.Even better than ditto.com, in my opinion, is “picsearch.” Picsearch (www.picsearch.com) seems to be a more accurate image search engine; I can usually find better pictures and photos when searching here, but that’s just me. Give them both a shot and see what you can find.QWhat is the difference between a “portal” and a “vortal” on the Internet? Are they basically the same thing?

A A portal is a Web site that offers a variety of services. People usually use portals as starting points when looking for information on the Internet – thus, not surprisingly, portals often include search engines. Examples of popular portals you may have visited yourself include AOL, Yahoo and Lycos. A vortal is simply a portal Web site that provides resources and information for a particular industry. According to the Webopedia (www.webopedia.com), vortals are “the Internet’s way of catering to consumers’ focused-environment preferences.” So that’s it; vortals are simply portals with narrower focus.QI don’t have Microsoft Word and I do not want to pay for it. Is there a cheap alternative? I need to be able to open the Word documents people send me and write my own documents as well.AHow about this: I know of an absolutely great word processing program, and it’s free. TextShield Fusion is a fantastic piece of freeware that comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a more-expensive program, including a search-and-replace function, spellcheck and a hyperlink editor.

Open up those Word documents you’re getting and save them into rich text format (RTF). You can even format your documents in a bunch of cool ways – 3D effects, anyone? Go to http://tinyurl.com/ys2pn for more information on TextShield Fusion. And now that I’ve helped you out with your Microsoft Word alternative, I don’t have a mansion up on the hill and I do not want to pay for one. Can you find something just like that for me for free? Thanks.Well, that’s it for today everyone. See you next week. eRin pheiL is the owner of timeforcake (www.timeforcake.com). Based in Frisco, timeforcake is a creative Web and graphic design firm. eRin can be reached at (970) 668-0709 or e-mail at info@timeforcake.com.

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