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Quandary: Need-to-know marijuana rules for spring breakers


Quandary, the old and wise mountain goat, has been around Summit County for ages, and has the answers to all questions about life, love and laws in the High Country. Have a question for Quandary? Email your queries about Summit and the High Country to Quandary@summitdaily.com.

Dear Quandary,

It’s spring break, and I really just came here for the weed. Can I take marijuana I buy legally in Colorado out of the state after my vacation?

Welcome! Spring break in the High Country can be a magnificent thing — there’s nothing quite like hitting a bowl after hitting the Back Bowls. But just like the sparkling powder and your vacation mindset, the weed doesn’t travel home with you. While Quandary understands the impulse behind wanting the good times to keep rolling or the novelty of bringing back a unique gift for a friend, consider marijuana to have more of a Las Vegas philosophy: It stays here.

Mary Jane and Colorado have a mutual understanding, but it is illegal to transport across state lines. In fact, it is important to look at the laws in individual cities and counties in Colorado as well, before transporting marijuana in, or through, any community as they will vary from place to place. You see, one of the ways Colorado has been able to keep the green experiment going is by keeping trafficking in check, not that we haven’t had issues — our fine neighbors to the east in Oklahoma and Nebraska even tried to sue us. Given the current political climate, sticking to the rules is even more important now. So don’t be the guy who ruins it for everybody, just take a second to know the rules before adding yourself to the roster of test subjects in our state’s little experiment.

One constant is that anyone over the age of 21, with a valid ID, is allowed to purchase an ounce of marijuana for recreational use within the state, just as long as it stays here.

For example, just because you can buy weed in Colorado, that doesn’t mean you can use it anywhere. Pot clubs were recently approved in the state Senate, but until the rules are hammered out on those, you still cannot consume in public. Some people seem to get a little confused on exactly what “public” means, but basically if there are other people around, don’t light up. City streets from Main Street Breck all the way to the 16th Street Mall are off-limits, as well as Forest Service trails and even your own car (or rental). Hotel rooms are also out of the question, unless the hotel has specified that it accepts you imbibing a little herbal medicine. Locally, the Bud and Breakfast in Silverthorne is a marijuana mecca, allowing guests to partake in all Colorado has to offer, while enjoying a Grateful Dead theme. This is a much more relaxing and legal outlet than sitting under the ceiling fan in the bathroom at the Holiday Inn ­— don’t do that. As the marijuana industry, uh, grows, so do the laws. So be sure to check in before you get here to make sure a new code or bill won’t harsh your mellow.

One constant is that anyone over the age of 21, with a valid ID, is allowed to purchase an ounce of marijuana for recreational use within the state, just as long as it stays here. So when trying to come up with the perfect present to take home to Grandma think Palisade peaches or Rocky Ford cantaloupe, don’t think dooby.

For additional information about Colorado’s marijuana regulations visit Colorado.gov.

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