Questions for the Summit Soldier |

Questions for the Summit Soldier

Thanks to the unidentified Summit Soldier for his article of Jan. 3. I have many questions about the war in Iraq, which I hope you will print as well as ask him. First of all, if we are “winning,” against whom are we winning? Is it Al Qaida who were not in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion, or is it insurgents (former supporters of Saddam)?Can the media be faulted for giving more priority to the continued suicide bombings such as the one today which killed 42 Iraqis attending a funeral than they do to a school opening? The fact that the insurgency is only strong in four provinces and not all 18 does not, evidently, lessen the damage they inflict.Who are the insurgent scholars mentioned who predict the lessening of terrorist incidents? Surely these incidents will only abate after the U.S. ceases its occupation.I am surely glad the road to the Baghdad airport is safer, so our big-wigs do not have to travel by helicopter to avoid being blown to bits. I am glad education and school opening are increasing also, but that in itself is not enough cause for optimism.I am glad you clarified the enemy, which you state is Al Qaida whose ideology is not taking hold in any Middle East country and is all over the world. How can you compare the situation in the 1920s to Iraq today? There is absolutely no parallel. If the battle against Al Qaida is not primarily military, then why are we fighting in Iraq? Why does every group (Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds) want us to withdraw our troops?These are just a few of the questions I have for you. You have not given me a very encouraging perspective on you stay in Iraq. You seem to be an apologist for the Bush Administration. I hope you return to the U.S. alive. It is hard to rationalize dying for the expansion of the American Empire.

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