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Quit trying to change beliefs

I recently started my own business in Summit County, and I am still going through the associated “growing pains.” I am not exactly in a position to turn away clients right now, but I would neither solicit, nor would I accept, any business from Planned Parenthood because I am very opposed to many of its core beliefs. 

I am not trying to change its philosophy, but I will not support it by doing business with them. 

If County Commissioner Tom Long, et al, are so opposed to the Catholic ideals upheld by the St. Anthony’s organization, why do they continue to work with them?

If it is because St. Anthony’s has provided such an excellent level of care for the last 20-plus years to the people of Summit County (which I believe they have), then he needs to accept the “bad” along with the good. Stop trying to change some of the core beliefs of the Catholic Church.

Do we not have the same right to have our tax money not fund these procedures? If abortions, etc., are performed at a facility supported by county tax dollars, is the county not supporting one belief over another by funding this facility?

No one is denying access to these procedures by not having them performed at a county-supported facility as long as they are available elsewhere – which obviously they are since none of these procedures is available at the current facility. By providing these services at a tax-supported facility, the county would be supporting one religious view over another, which I believe violates the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The separation of church and state was established to protect the various churches from government intervention – not the other way around.

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