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R. A. Geise: Climate-change skeptic

R. A. GeiseDillon

A catastrophic increase in sea level is the principle threat prophesied by the global warming (aka. climate change) alarmists who seek to impose their global energy indulgences on us through such legislation as “cap & trade.” Professor Nils-Axel Morner of Stockholm University is a real scientist who has been working in the real world investigating global sea levels for three decades. Perhaps the leading expert on the planet on this single issue, the former chairman of the INQUA International Commission on Sea Level Change has found nothing in his research to support the globalist’s agenda? He became particularly concerned after he was asked to review the chapter on sea level changes included in the IPCC’s (International Panel on Climate Change) 2000 report and discovered that although 33 authors had contributed, not one of them was selected from his approximately 400 peers worldwide.So concerned is he with this type of disinformation that he launched a personal campaign to combat the widespread ignorance which includes the booklet “The Greatest Lie Ever Told.” According to Professor Morner, evidence for the absolute maximum rate for an increase in sea level occurred following an anomaly in the earth’s history 20,000 years ago when massive glaciers existed over the continents at mid-latitudes. Over that time it took 100 years for the seas to rise a meter. Where does Al Gore get his preposterous projection of several meters in only a few years?!Professor Morner’s work has demonstrated that there is no indication of any sea level rise “whatsoever” in the tide gauge record in the Tuvalu from 1978 to the present. Neither is there any evidence in a similar 18-year record from the Vanuatu group of islands where refugees have been forced from their homes because of such fears.Professor Morner’s extensive research in the Maldive islands has shown that sea level has been “completely stable” there for the last 30 years. Neither has he found any evidence for any increase in the delta region of Bangladesh.Prof. Morner points to Venice, which is located at the edge of another delta area, as the deal breaker. There we have a 300-year record showing a constant rate of subsidence due to sedimentation. Certainly if we were experiencing any rise in sea level it would be apparent in that record. However, not only is there no increase in sea level relative to the sinking that has been occurring there, but the subsidence has actually ceased since the 1970s.

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