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Radical foreign policy shift needed

Tom Schorr - Frisco

In response to May 19 letters by John M. Kunst Jr. and Lynn Fisher: What does 9-11 have to do with Iraq?

The 9-11 terrorists were mostly Saudis. Shouldn’t we have bombed Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq? Should we have bombed most of Europe because Timothy McVeigh was a white Christian? Should we bomb China, North Korea, etc., because they have nasty leaders and nuclear weapons? Where will it end?

Possible solutions: We must force Israel to the peace table with the Palestinians. Peace will not have a chance until this conflict is resolved.

The U.S. unconditionally backs Israel financially and militarily. We are seen as responsible for the oppression of the Palestinian people. If Israel, with our enormous backing, cannot control terrorism on a couple tiny pieces of land by force, what makes us think we can stamp out terrorism on the entire planet by the same method?

We should “put the ball in their court.” Publicly challenge the major terrorist organizations to offer workable solutions. What needs to be done in order for them to stop the violence?

If they do not have solutions they will be seen by the world as wanting violence for the sake of violence. I suspect they would lose the last of their credibility in the Arab/Muslim world. Terrorist recruitment would be more difficult without a worthy cause.

Generally, people who are safe, fed, sheltered and working have little desire to become suicide bombers.

The U.S. could save billions of dollars by working to educate people and reduce poverty in troubled spots around the world without having to destroy their land first.

Maybe we could really be seen as the “good guys.” Unfortunately peace takes more time, patience and perseverance than war. We are as addicted to the quick fix and “shock and awe” in this country as we are to fast food and violent movies.

My views are not hindsight. I actively protested and picketed against the Iraq war before Bush pulled the trigger. The pointless suffering and death that has occurred since deeply saddens me. I wish I had been wrong.

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