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Radical Islam is what we should fear

Dick Dixon - Silverthorne

Writing in response to my letter which appeared in the Daily on April 28, Bob Ferguson has responded with the absurd claim that “like President Bush, letter-writer Dick Dixon advocates a religious war between Christians and Muslims.”

This is pretty amazing, since that letter never stated anything remotely along those lines.

There is a popular, self-serving belief held by many liberals that conservatives are simple-minded dolts in general, and even more so if they are Christians.

This prejudice is likely the reason that the intentions of myself and our president can be erroneously reduced to something so idiotic and simplistic as those stated by Mr. Ferguson.

When I mentioned Mr. Bush’s hope that a stable, democratic Iraq would ignite a “revolution” in the region, it was not a reference to religious conversion, it was a reference to democracy.

While most of the world has been moving forward in terms of freedom and prosperity, this part of the world has remained mired in poverty, dictatorship and oppression for centuries.

Bush is hoping that a prosperous and free Iraq will inspire the people in Iran and Syria, for example, to throw out the oppressive dictators who stifle their liberty and squander their national wealth, and seek the better life to which all human beings are entitled.

With regard to the theme of religious war – we are in a religious war of sorts, but it is not between Christians and Muslims, as Mr. Ferguson suggests.

The primary threat to peace and stability today for large regions of the world comes from the various converts to a deadly, fanatical world-view known as radical Islam.

The followers of this ideology are a grave threat and danger, not only to Christians, but to Jews and nonradical Muslims as well. They have been murdering Christian civilians in Indonesia, the Philippines and Sudan, among other places.

They murder Jewish mothers and children almost daily in Israel. They have killed great numbers of Muslims in their bombings in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The religious war of today is between radical Islam and the rest of the world.

The majority of Muslims are decent people trying to live normal lives. They are not nutcases hell-bent on mass murder in the name of Allah.

Adherents to radical Islam are a minority, but they are growing in number and, because of their absolute fanaticalism, are very dangerous.

The poverty and oppression of the Middle East are the conditions in which this insane world view thrives. The hope of President Bush and the world, is that a political-economic conversion of the region, bringing them freedom and prosperity, will stern the growth of this terrible menace.

Dick Dixon


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