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Radin: Help our neighbors instead of turning our backs on them

Robert Radin M.D.

Re. “Important reasons for change in U.S.,” letters, Ken Gansmann, Aug. 31

I personally am an independent-thinking senior citizen voter that has voted fairly equally amongst the major parties over my life. I also devoted my working career as an emergency physician to helping people and while doing so have seen that a significant percentage of individuals do not have the ability to provide for their own, nor can their families supply medical care and retirement. I have seen the consequence of the noninsured or underinsured. I have seen the consequence of being poor. Hence I have seen the need for the so-called entitlements of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Mr. Gansmann, please step into the real modern world and help our neighbors rather than turning your back on them. We are all part of this country and the focus should be on helping one another.

You spend a great deal of time talking about Marxist/Socialist dictators. These dictators also used a propaganda machine to reinforce their regimes. A quote attributed to Lenin: “A lie told often enough becomes truth.” A quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister), “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” My point is that in the 2012 national election, we have seen a number of lies come out from both political parties, often funded by rich super PACs, and the news media. However the number of Republican lies seems to be bigger, more numerous, and more repetitive. Mr. Gansmann, you need to be careful how you vote as the political party of your choice is following the Marxist/Socialist propaganda doctrine, and we should all know better than to be swayed by propaganda. We need to keep our minds open to all ideas by listening to the media without making quick judgments, then checking the facts from multiple reliable sources. Respectfully,