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Rapid Eye Technology helps body release stress

FRISCO – Claudia Bianca gave talk therapy a shot. But after 10 years of cognitive therapy, she was as angry as ever. Then she discovered Rapid Eye Technology, and within two sessions, her anger lifted.

“I thought it would come back, but it didn’t,” Bianca said. “Now I can’t even get there or recall what it was like to be so angry.”

Bianca became a Rapid Eye Technology (RET) therapist 12 years ago.

She lives in Taos, N.M., but travels to Frisco monthly to give sessions because there aren’t any RET therapists in the area, and she wants to spread the word and help people heal.

She learned RET from Dr. Ranae Johnson, who developed it to help her autistic son.

It uses blinking, breathing and eye movement to simulate REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which allows the body to integrate and release stress and trauma.

Bianca works with issues ranging from childhood traumas, depression and disastrous relationships to money and weight problems.

She uses a fast-moving wand and other devices to help the body and mind access memories. By watching the fast-moving object, clients shift from a beta (awake) to an alpha (relaxed) state of awareness.

Her technique helps clients discover core beliefs that lead to destructive behavior and uncomfortable feelings. Then, using a series of blinking, words, breathing patterns and eye movements, she helps clients release negative messages and accept new, positive thought patterns.

“It’s not the answer for everybody, but I like what it does because it’s self-empowering,” she said. “Because we’re human, we tend to move into a victim lifestyle. With RET, we find out we have choices every day. It awakened my body’s own system that because of stress had been shut down.”

Half of RET takes place in sessions, but the other half is up to the client. Once Bianca helps clients release unconscious beliefs, the client has more choices in life. She teaches seven main life skills that help people change the way they live.

At the foundation of her life skills is the idea of personal accountability.

“You get back what you put out – multiplied,” she said. “You can look at what’s in your life and ask, “What was I saying, thinking or doing to get this?'”

Bianca also focuses on choosing specific thoughts and perceptions to create change. She teaches people to use gratitude to increase abundance, listen to physical pain for messages and live harmoniously.

“It’s another tool to help me understand myself and get to know myself better and through that learn to deal with people better,” said 28-year-old Shana Wilson, who lives in Summit Cove and has seen Bianca seven times.

“It’s kind of like sitting in a dark room, and rapid eye cracks the door open and lets in some sunshine and some insight.

“Claudia has a certain magnetism and a positivity. She can touch deeper into people’s psyche in a different modality, and for me, it feels comfortable. There’s different therapies that can make you feel uncomfortable. I feel energetic after a session – calm, relaxed.”

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