Real Estate At A Glance: Condominium sales |

Real Estate At A Glance: Condominium sales

Chuck Leathers
Special to the Daily

Condominium sales continue ahead of last year to date in number, but not in price. The average price for resale condominiums declined by about 7 percent from last year to date. Resale figures are based only 68 sales through February and will certainly look better by year end. Average price for all sales continues to run ahead of last year as a few high-dollar developer-owned units in Breckenridge influence that average.

The number of properties for sale is still stuck at the 1,500 level as owners continue to hold off on selling. Well priced new listings are gone in a matter of weeks.

$288,600 … average sale price for resale condominiums through February

$359,700 … average sale price for all condominiums through February

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