Reality check needed on effects of beetle-kill |

Reality check needed on effects of beetle-kill

I’m sorry, but have the Breckenridge Town officials taken leave of their senses? OK, so we’ve lost the fight against a bunch of nasty beetles, but to suggest clearing all trees ” even healthy ones ” from within 15 feet of homes as a buffer against wildfires is sheer lunacy.

Take a look around the built-up part of town. Most homes are within 30 feet of each other. This would mean that if all healthy trees within 15 feet of our homes were to be removed, there wouldn’t be any trees left. Needless to say, the effect of this on the landscape ” both from the point of view of beauty and the ensuing erosion ” would be devastating. And what about the wildlife that inhabit these trees? We’ve encroached enough on the environment. For goodness sake, leave it alone.

I have absolutely no problem with the Town requiring removal of dead trees within a certain perimeter of housing ” that’s common sense ” but to remove all trees regardless of their species or health, just leaves me shaking my head in wonder and disgust. Will the Town be reimbursing us to remove these healthy trees? One thing’s for sure, they won’t have to fork out for replacement trees, because we won’t be allowed to plant any within the 15-foot buffer zone.

The reactions of residents and visitors I spoke to at the markets this morning ranged from bewildered to incensed. The plentiful trees in our town are one of the things that attracted us to living here. To be able to wake to the sounds of squirrels chickering and birds tweeting, is sheer joy.

While I agree with the need for defensible space in the case of wildfires, surely removing perfectly healthy trees from homes within the built-up areas of town, is taking things too far?

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