Rearrange your bedroom – spice up your love life |

Rearrange your bedroom – spice up your love life

FRISCO – If your Valentine’s Day wasn’t all roses, romance and revelry, it may have something to do with leaving your toilet lid up after every use.

According to Chinese traditions of Feng Shui, a person’s environment reflects – and affects – every aspect of life. Feng Shui experts assess the flow of energy in houses and businesses, looking for imbalances and paying particular attention to floor plans and objects in the space.

One of the most important rooms Breckenridge resident Beth Faucett studies when she does a Feng Shui consultation is the master bedroom and its connection to the bathroom. Bathrooms can drain energy, since they are mostly devoted to whisking away waste.

If your bathroom is located in the relationship area of the bagua (a guide used in Feng Shui that relates the physical space with such aspects of life as relationships, career, finances and so on), you may be flushing romance down the toilet. Fortunately, Feng Shui consultants offer simple solutions, including making a habit of keeping the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed.

Faucett often rearranges or adds objects to rooms to enhance energy. She may add a water fountain for a free-flowing quality; plants for solid, steady growth; a windsock or flag for movement and metal to create a quiet, reflective mood.

“Everything is energy – sound, color, plants – and we react to that energy in certain ways,” Faucett said. “We look at what’s happening to the energy in the space, then we use color, motion, sound, water – any of the adjustments to counteract that dead energy. We work with what clients already have and keep it as simple as possible.”

Feng Shui incorporates many

common-sense notions people take for granted. People who tend to be very structured, controlling and perfectionistic tend to have neat and tidy houses, for example, while a person who lives in a cluttered house often feels unorganized, unfocused and overwhelmed.

“Very simply, you know when an environment is very supportive for you and when an environment is not supportive for you,” Faucett said. “Once you start making changes in your environment, you will then be able to make those changes in your life. Your environment supports your life, and it reflects changes in your life.”

Cluttered houses drain energy because when people see unorganized piles, they think about unfinished business.

“It drains energy because thoughts are all energy, and even trying to ignore (clutter) takes energy,” she said.

When people clear clutter, they stop wasting energy on what has to be done and start focusing on what they really want to do. Objects, such as water fountains placed near the front door, can help keep the energy of clutter-free living flowing. Faucett compares the use of water fountains and other adjustments in Feng Shui to placing affirmations on mirrors.

“You keep looking at it, and eventually, you’re going to start believing it,” she said of using objects to balance energy. “We’re taking it off the mirror and putting it throughout the house, so that wherever you go, you feel that energy. (It’s about) paying attention to what feels right and what things need to be adjusted.”

Faucett began studying Feng Shui six years ago after she read an article on the practice. She incorporated a few of the principles into a new office space she decorated for the financial planning company she worked for in Florida.

“That office always felt comfortable when you went into it, and it was the most profitable (of the branches), so I decided there was something to this,” she said.

She studied the black hat form of Feng Shui with authors and national speakers Carol Bridges and David Daniel Kennedy. (Kennedy wrote “Feng Shui for Dummies.”) The black hat practice focuses on intention, intuition and ceremony to create change and orients its bagua on the front door, as opposed to other orientations used by different Feng Shui practices.

Faucett will present a free, hour-long discussion titled “Feng Shui Your Way to Success” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, at the Winds of Change Bookstore in Frisco. She also will lead a workshop on altering master bedrooms to increase romance from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 22. The cost is $27. Participants may call Winds of Change at (970) 668-5399 to register. Faucett offers private consultations for $180, and she may be reached by calling (970) 547-1440.


Simple solutions to increase romance:

– Add earthtones, including sunset and canyon colors, to your master bedroom for solid, steady relationships

– Use pink and rose colors to increase the energy of love

– Place objects (candles, figurines and so on) in pairs in the relationship area of your bedroom (as indicated by a mapping device called a bagua)

– Add a plant with soft leaves (as opposed to a prickly cactus) to encourage solid, steady growth of love

– Put objects, such as pictures, in the bedroom that represent the desired romantic relationship (as opposed to, say, a picture of a storm)

– In the master bathroom, keep toilet lids down and bathroom doors closed


Kimberly Nicoletti can be reached at (970) 668-3998 ext. 245 or by e-mail at

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