Reasons to come to downtown Dillon |

Reasons to come to downtown Dillon

Douglas Roessel

Needless to say over the past few days I have had several people pose the question, “Why come to downtown Dillon”? The past few years have been difficult from a small business perspective, but times are changing. Several of the businesses have attained the illustrious title of Best of the Summit. So there is proof of life in downtown Dillon.

A group of business owners in conjunction with the Town of Dillon have organized and started a business association now called the Dillon Business Association with the goal of identifying current challenges that small businesses are experiencing and helping turn those challenges into opportunities. In addition the Association will encourage cross marketing and be visible at town events. Again, there is proof of life in downtown Dillon.

Please, Summit County, do not forget all the other things that Dillon has to offer. Soon the ice will melt and the marina and all it has to offer will again be a thriving part of downtown Dillon. More proof of life in Dillon? Soon the summer concert series will be in full swing bringing great live music to downtown Dillon. Look for all the events being hosted by the Lake Dillon Foundation for the Performing Arts, bringing culture to downtown Dillon. Dillon continues to hold extremely well received events including the Barbecue to benefit the Rotary, the Art Festival and the Farmers Market all being held downtown. More proof of life in downtown Dillon.

Most of the businesses in Dillon are run by longtime residents and are locally run and managed, not affiliated with nationwide chains or franchises. These business owners have chosen to do business in downtown Dillon mainly due to the opportunities they see for growth, not because of low rents in dilapidated building.

I would like to invite all of Summit County to visit downtown Dillon to see the opportunities for entertainment, recreation and business. I invite all of Summit County to support the local businesses we have here in downtown Dillon. Invite the realtors and developers to downtown Dillon to see the opportunity for growth. I invite everyone to see what downtown Dillon has to offer you.

Downtown Dillon is not dead contrary to the belief of some people. Just come to downtown Dillon to see the proof of life for yourself.

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