Red, White and Blue Fire Dept. lands a $110,000 grant |

Red, White and Blue Fire Dept. lands a $110,000 grant

NICOLE FORMOSAsummit daily news

BRECKENRIDGE – The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded Breckenridge’s Red, White and Blue Fire Department a $110,313 grant to upgrade and install new exhaust systems at each fire station and to purchase new personal protective and workout equipment.Each of the department’s three stations will receive an exhaust system to help ventilate the diesel fumes from the engines out of the bays the help improve the health of firefighters, employees and the public. The cost of those upgrades will be $81,025.Another $11,094 will be used to purchase workout equipment for all the fire stations. The new equipment will include cardio and weight training. In 2004, just under 50 percent of the 104 on-duty firefighter fatalities were caused by heart attacks. The remaining $24,000 will be used to purchase new bunker gear to replace old and ragged gear.”This is one of the best opportunities we have to help save our taxpayers a lot of money,” said RWB chief Gary Green. “The federal grant money allows us to make some much needed improvements without burdening the public or overwhelming our budget.”The total cost of the projects will be $116,119, of which the department will be responsible for $5,806. The grant is provided from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program through the United States Fire Administration.

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