Refusing to be a prole and not rock the boat |

Refusing to be a prole and not rock the boat

Jeni FriedrichBreckenridge

In response to the John Williams letter dated Nov. 10: George Orwell’s book “1984” refers to the mass population as the proles, a homogenous, unthinking people, content to go about their lives without “rocking the boat.”I am not a prole, I am not a Democrat, I am a person who is outraged at the events occurring in our world, at the hand of our president. Could we stop pitting two inanimate “parties” against each other and talk about the real problems? Not in my lifetime has it been a common occurrence to witness beheadings. Why is the world not outraged? Are we too busy rowing? Thomas Jefferson said the most patriotic act is to question your government.What is going on in the world today is wrong, and I will not sit idly by and pretend I don’t see it.Certainly, living in the mountains we are sheltered from the unpleasantries of seeing the homeless, the war veterans in wheelchairs and the millions of people out of work.We do not see the reports of mercury levels in the water and our air is not polluted. Our microcosm is far from representative of the rest of the world.What do you suppose it’s like to live in Iraq, constant bombings, soldiers raiding your home, dead bodies left to rot in the streets? You want unity? I want justice, I want to be proud to be an American, not afraid to travel, not ashamed of my president, who cannot speak proper English, this is shameful. Have you seen the many websites that quote him, not making fun of him, simply displaying his words.I have a good quote, too, “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.”

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