Reg Rhodes: So long, summer slobs |

Reg Rhodes: So long, summer slobs

Reg Rhodes

Summer is wrapping up. The herds of tourists are heading back to the city, eager to sit in more traffic lines. And, once again it is quiet up here.

Along with the exodus of summer visitors, the flowers are beginning to wilt. The Columbines are gone for the summer; many other flowers are beginning to droop, in autumn retreat – -the Mountain Bluebell, the Aspen Daisy, the Poopy Paper Petunia.

The what? Yes, otherwise known as the Pit Toilet Poppy. This non-indigenous summer flower can still be seen blooming in great numbers – usually accompanied by nauseating piles of human excrement. Generally, these stink-emitting perennials are found about five feet off each side of most popular trails. Typically, these poppies are also found within most popular campsites, usually just a hotdog’s-toss away from the campfire circle. Personally, I avoid these areas, observing the malodorous flowers from a safe distance.

Perhaps the ‘Pack out your trash’ signs aren’t visible enough. This summer, I noticed five different spots where very large amounts of garbage were either hung from trees or simply left in a big pile. I must give these people some credit, though. Every pile I observed was neatly bagged and/or boxed. There still seems to be a misunderstanding that the Forest Service provides a garbage removal service. On that note, there must be some people who DO pack their trash out because one dumpster, in particular, was consistently overflowing. Apparently, some interior renovations have been going on up in the forest as well. There was a room’s worth of wallpaper in the rubbish mix, plus a nice looking lamp and a microwave. I’m not too sure what was in the gigantic, double bagged, body shaped package.

Although it is sad to see summer go, I thoroughly love the peace and quiet of fall. The mayhem and carnage will stay back down on the Front Range. For awhile, anyway.

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