Regime in Washington will do anything to win next presidential election |

Regime in Washington will do anything to win next presidential election

We are being manipulated by a corrupt regime in Washington that will do absolutely anything to win the next presidential election.

I see two scenarios: One, President Bush will wage a high-tech war to avenge his father’s failure, with high civilian casualties and mass destruction of Iraqi infrastructure which we, of course, will be obligated to replace. A puppet regime will be installed, one that will serve corporate interests, especially Bush’s favorite contributors, Big Oil. Some American military personnel (mothers, fathers, daughters, sons) will die, perhaps gassed with Hussein’s chemicals. But that’s the price of Bush’s revenge – yes?

Frenetic up-to-the-minute broadcasts by CNN will showcase Bush’s cowboy foreign policy. His buddies in Big Oil will get richer. This war and subsequent reconstruction of Iraq will cost tens of billions, and we’ll occupy Iraq for years.

The Muslim world will hate us more than ever, with support for terrorist activities increasing, not decreasing.

Scenario two: Bush will continue to rattle swords, building up to war in Iraq with still more frenzied hawking in fear – this is where he and his party wants the American public living in fear and uncertainty. A back-room deal (in the works now?) will have Hussein move to Libya with his wealth; the Iraqi people still get a puppet government.

Bush wears the crown of hero, with his familiar smirk of a used car salesman who just sold a lemon, or a con man whose life is going very well, indeed (see the cover of Molly Ivin’s “Shrub – The Short But Happy Political Life of G.W. Bush”)

Either way, this will cost the working class plenty, while Bush gives the rich and corporations (which are owned by, surprise, the rich) still more tax breaks.

Of these tax cuts, 31 percent of taxpayers nationally get nothing, and four out of five taxpayers get zero benefit from cutting taxes on dividends.

In Colorado, workers whose earnings fall in the middle 20 percent get an average $315 from federal tax cuts; earners in the top 1 percent get $28,654. You do the math.

During two Reagan terms, the federal debt quadrupled. Bush’s cuts will cost $1.8 trillion by 2013, including interest on borrowed money to compensate for revenue lost by tax cuts. (The idea that Republicans are for smaller, less expensive government proves false, again.) Federal debt will rise from $3.5 trillion when Bush took office, to an estimated $7 trillion by 2013. (Source of tax data: Citizens for Tax Justice Web site). Afghanistan has already cost us $37 billion, and Osama bin Laden still makes videos, and I don’t feel safer, do you?

Tom Ridge (Homeland Security – didn’t Hitler have a similar agency?), issues “orange alert,” not telling us from where the threat originates, just that we should be afraid, very afraid. I fear more of Attorney General John Ashcroft’s increased spying on U.S. citizens and his new laws that continue erosion of civil liberties and threats to privacy.

This folks, is the best of Republicanism; the worst, I fear, is yet to come.

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