House passes $25 billion Colo. budget for next year |

House passes $25 billion Colo. budget for next year

DENVER — The Colorado House approved a $25 billion budget that includes funding increases for education and money for surplus tax refunds.

Most of the spending goes to schools, colleges, health care and prisons, and the majority of the funds include federal money that lawmakers have little control over. Of the $25 billion, about $9.6 billion is under their control, a pot of money called the general fund. Of that, $3.5 billion goes to schools.

There’s also $70 million in refunds required by the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights next year, and $117 million the following year.

Eleven Republicans joined every Democrat voting yes on a 45-20 vote Thursday.

The Senate has already passed the budget, which takes effect July 1. The chambers will rectify differences before sending it to the governor.

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