Women’s March on Denver swells to more than 100,000 | SummitDaily.com

Women’s March on Denver swells to more than 100,000

Danika Worthington
The Denver Post

Tens of thousands of people from across Colorado flooded Civic Center in downtown Denver Saturday morning in a massive showing for “human rights and equality” the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

People flowed into the park from all directions even as the crowd began to slowly funnel out into the parade route through the city.

“Love not hate makes America great,” the marchers screamed, riffing off of the new president’s campaign trail tagline. Many were carrying signs, most were wearing pink hats that signaled solidarity with the national project. There were people of all ages, including an elderly woman being pushed in a wheelchair while she held a sign that read “Now you’ve made Nanna mad.”

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