Reid: Keystone Science School grateful for partnership, volunteers at Echo Day |

Reid: Keystone Science School grateful for partnership, volunteers at Echo Day

Ellen Reid,
executive director,
Keystone Science School

On Saturday, Sept. 8, Keystone Science School welcomed 170 volunteers from Vail Resorts to our campus for Vail Resorts Echo Day. In just three hours, these volunteers, paired with KSS staff, completed the following:

> Built over 1450 feet of trails

> Sanded and stained 13 picnic tables

> Painted, built and repaired 35 benches

> Cleaned 60 windows and 72 beds

> Installed 40 solar lights around campus

> Removed 3 truck loads full of miscellaneous slash piles

> Filled and removed 60, 42-gallon bags of weeds; and

> Mulched over 1500 square feet

We estimate the work completed saved the school more than $25,000 and countless hours of labor.

We are very gratified by the way members from both organizations came together and worked in partnership to improve KSS. I was approached several times throughout the morning by Vail Resorts employees who offered continued help beyond that one volunteer day. One employee offered his carpentry skills as we look to build a new outdoor stage. Others offered to come back later in the week to spruce up a few more parts of campus that we just couldn’t get to in time. And later that day, after everyone had gone home, one gentleman came back just to replace our basketball net with a new one he had at home. The outpouring of support and generosity was truly amazing.

Saying ‘thanks’ doesn’t quite capture the depth of the entire KSS community’s appreciation for Vail Resorts Echo Day volunteers. We are incredibly grateful to have Vail Resorts as a partner and community asset. To the entire team who worked hard on a gorgeous fall day in Summit County: please know your dedication will be reflected in the smiles of the many children who will enjoy our beautifully improved campus.

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