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Reporters Notebook

“Reporters Notebook” is a roundup of quotes, notes, bits and bites gleaned from meetings, events, press releases,

e-mails or simply overheard on the street. Some of it is just for fun, and some of it is

newsworthy tidbits that did not find a home in the other pages of the paper. Look for “Reporters Notebook” each Monday in the Summit Daily News.

News nuggets

n County manager Ron

Holliday said a new policy not to charge a 5 percent treasurer’s fee on rebated property tax collections was based on “common sense and fairness.”

“Since when does common sense have a damn thing to do with government?” County Commissioner Tom Long asked.

“It doesn’t, but every five years we should do something based on common sense,” County Commissioner Bill Wallace answered.

n County Commissioner Gary Lindstrom attended a recent Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) planning meeting.

“As far as I am concerned, CDOT is a joke,” Lindstrom reported to the full Board of County Commissioners. “It does not have a clue about what is going on with transportation in the state of Colorado.”

Lindstrom said Summit County sits in a planning district that goes from the Eisenhower Tunnel to the Utah border and a funding district that runs from Vail Pass to the Kansas border.

“Where’s that vision?” he said.

Wallace said the vision “is to make Colorado look like Southern California. That’s the vision. I swear, our governor must love Southern California. That is what he is trying to make Colorado look like.”

Wallace also sees another vision: “to make sure it takes at least three hours to get from Denver to Summit County” on Interstate 70.

“That’s the vision,” he said.

n The first community organizing meeting around the theme of a smoke-free Summit County will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 27 at the Summit County Community and Senior Center at the County Commons.

Wallace, who opposes a government ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, said he likes the idea of mandated sign postings to signify smoking and smoke-free establishments.

That would be within government’s purview, Wallace said.

“So is banning,” replied Lindstrom, who stoked the issue of going smoke-free in a recent Summit Daily News column.

n The Frisco town council agreed to change its meeting days to the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month – effective June – so Town Attorney Pat Tisdale can attend council meetings.

n Frisco town officials approved a donation of $43,810 Tuesday toward Summit County’s Iron Springs Open Space, near Farmer’s Korner. The partnership also helped the county secure $150,000 of Great Outdoors Colorado funding for the purchase.

Quotes of note

“Diplomacy works when it takes place out of the public eye, where people can talk frankly and negotiate face to face rather than in the newspapers and television. They can sit down, drink some tea and chill out a little.”

– U.S. Rep. Mark Udall, in regards to his stance on a possible war with Iraq

“We’re going to be asked whether we’re going to jump on the mag chloride ban,”

– Frisco Mayor Bob Moscatelli.

“Better living through chemicals,”

– Councilmember Tom Connolly, with a laugh

“It’s a car industry plot to get us to buy new ones,”

– Connolly,during the same discussion about magnesium chloride and its corrosive effect on cars

“We should look at shutting down the interstate just to generate business.”

– Connolly, during a Frisco town council discussion about how vendors at Frisco’s ice sculpture event didn’t make as much money this year as they did last year when traffic was backed up on Interstate 70 because of the the Cardboard Derby.

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