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Reporters Notebook

“Reporters Notebook” is a roundup of quotes, notes, bits and bites gleaned from meetings, events, press releases, e-mails or simply overheard on the street. Some of it is just for fun, and some of it is newsworthy tidbits that did not find a home in the other pages of the paper. Look for “Reporters Notebook” each Monday in the Summit Daily News.

News nuggets

n A Denver newspaper called Bonnie Bennett, wife of Summit Daily Publisher Mike Bennett, regarding a Feb. 24 avalanche near A-Basin, which buried a 24-year-old Littleton man, also named Mike Bennett. The reporter said the paper was sorry to report that her husband was caught in an avalanche. Fortunately, Bonnie Bennett knew her husband was only caught in his office – she was on the other line with her husband when the paper called.

n A New York man couldn’t believe it when the ticket taker at a parking structure under a Beaver Creek Lodge asked for a $10 parking fee as the visitor was driving out.

“You’re joking!” the man responded, then drove under a partially-opened gate. The ticket taker notified security, which stopped the vehicle, and summoned the cops.

The suspect said the ticket-taker had laughed at his comment, and he assumed the $10 parking fee was a joke. However, he apologized, paid the fee, and no charges were filed.

Quotes of note

From the mouth of Breckenridge Mayor Sam Mamula – all in one meeting:

n “We can divvy up all their keys and put them in different stores.” – in a discussion about how to get people out of their cars and into shops.

n “All the money you used to blow at the Summit Foundation … We operate differently. There are no three-hour lunches; we work through lunch.”- teasing new public relations director Kim DiLallo.

n “If someone gets hit there, they’re not going to be looking at a broken leg. They’re going to be pushing up daisies.” – In reference to the danger of pedestrians crossing from Main Street Station to the Breckenridge Brewery.

n “You don’t want to put this thing to a vote or you’re going to end up like George Bush and not know where you are.” – To the Public Arts Commission, regarding soliciting comments about proposed art pieces.

n “Dogs or Dumpsters” – His suggestion for a motif around town.

n “(County) commissioners said they could go either way. They asked me what was more important: to market the state or feed the poor children of a single mom.” – in reference to County Commissioner Tom Long’s assertion that marketing dollars could be spent better elsewhere.

“Which one did you pick?”

– Councilmember Jim Lamb, in retort.

“He’s not making the town insurance look good.” – Breck Town Manager Tim Gagen in reference to Public Works Director Terry Perkins being on crutches. Again.

“How come you’re saying you’re going to save all this money and (town water superintendent) Gary (Roberts) is raising his eyebrows?” – Breckenridge Councilmember J.B. Katz to Dan Bell of the public works department.

“He’s showing off his new haircut.” – Breckenridge Town Manager Tim Gagen

“Twelve years on the planning commission … That’s got to tweak you.” – Lamb, regarding term limits.

“Silverthorne was broken when it opened in 1972.” – School board member Jay

Brunvand, regarding Silverthorne

Elementary School’s shortcomings.

“We refer to the World Weekly News when we’re out of options.” – Avalanche

forecaster Nick Logan, regarding the difficulty of predicting slides.

“If you see snow collapsing around your skis, that’s just the snowpack saying, “Hey, I’m pretty tender today.'” – Logan, listing clues backcountry enthusiasts can look for to avoid avalanches.

“If I was a tree, I wouldn’t want to live there.” – Avalanche forecaster Brad Sawtell, talking about the mammoth slide on Buffalo Mountain March 2.

“I think we might get $10 to $15 a year (and) a couple of bottle caps.” – Frisco assistant manager Theresa Casey, when asked how much the town gets from the voluntary disc golf fee.

“We can always serve beer at the meeting.” – Frisco Councilmember David Amli, as the town council discussed scheduling a meeting with a citizen focus group on St. Patrick’s Day.

“I don’t know that you would have to reconstruct the loop, the trail could go through the (building) and people could stop for coffee.” – Amli, during a discussion about how a Nordic trail loop would have to be rerouted if the multiuse ice rink/convention center were built at Frisco’s Recreation Area.

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