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Reporters Notebook

“Reporters Notebook” is a roundup of quotes, notes, bits and bites gleaned from meetings, events, press releases, e-mails or simply overheard on the street. Some of it is just for fun, and some of it is newsworthy tidbits that did not find a home in the other pages of the paper. Look for “Reporters Notebook” each Monday in the Summit Daily News.

News Nuggets

– The Summit School Board Wednesday approved raising next year’s school lunch prices by 25 cents.

The new lunch prices will be as follows: $2 at elementary schools, $2.25 at the middle school and $2.75 at the high school.

The district’s Nutrition Task Force is simultaneously working to make school lunches healthier and more attractive, which it hopes will increase student and staff participation – in other words, sales.

With the 25-cent increase, the district must increase participation by at least 20 percent to meet its goal of a nearly self-sufficient lunch program. If it does not succeed in that goal, the district likely will be forced to restructure lunch prices again next year.

The new prices put Summit County on par with other districts in the area, officials said.

– School board officials Wednesday also approved changing school boundaries for Silverthorne and Dillon Valley elementary schools. Effective the beginning of the school year 2004-2005, Interstate 70 will be the boundary between the schools.

The new boundaries will help Dillon Valley’s overcrowding problem and students moving to Silverthorne will attend the new elementary school.

There was no controversy over the proposed boundary change, officials said.

Quotes of note:

“Wal-Mart’s lease with this town is up in 2013.” – Frisco Mayor Bob Moscatelli, as town officials discussed Frisco’s economic future Tuesday

“They will be gone before then.” – Frisco Public Works Director Tim Mack

“We have 100,000 acres, and we can offer incentives to develop it.” – Frisco Councilmember David Amli, during the same discussion

“We have 10 acres.” – Councilmember Rick Amico, correcting Amli

“Ten acres. Right. That’s what I meant.” – Amli

“We don’t have enough room for a Volkswagen plant.” – Amico, as town officials discussed what industries they might consider in Frisco.

“What if they make really little Volkswagens?” – Amli

“Toll road: Summit Boulevard.” – Frisco Councilmember Tom Connolly, as the council brainstormed ways to increase revenue

“”Animate.’ I hate the word “animate.’ I hate “wayfaring,’ too.” – Frisco Councilmember Jon Zdechlik

“People think it’s the planetarium.” – Frisco Councilmember Dede Dighero-Tuso, regarding the Frisco Sanitation Plant

“We ought to put a telescope out there.” – Moscatelli

In the same conversation, Dighero-Tuso suggested the council seriously consider relocating the Frisco Sanitation Plant to another location:

“Where would you move it?” – Zdechlik

“To the peninsula?” – Dighero-Tuso

“That’s uphill.” – Councilmember Bernie Zurbriggen

“That’s a lot of poop.” – Zdechlik

“So if we could sell the burrito in a Pepsi can with a pixie stick, it would sell better.” – School board member Jay Brunvand, during a discussion about school lunches and how more appealing presentation would increase sales

“A strategic plan, to me, ought to have a strategy.” – Schools Superintendent Wes Smith

“What’s the difference between a goal and a strategy?” – School board member Pat Keehley

“It’s kind of like when deer become elk.” – Brunvand

“Dillon may fill. Green Mountain may fill. We’re back in the land of milk and honey.” – County Commissioner Tom Long

“And I have a piece of property in Florida to sell you.” – County building and grounds director Tom Auldridge, talking about the potential for the county’s reservoirs to fill to capacity this summer

“I would like to do what Peter wants to do with Tim’s recommendations relative to Steve’s concern.” – Breck Mayor Sam Mamula explaining how he’d like to address a proposed eight-week development process plan

“The federal government gives you GDP figures within five days and revised figures within 30 days. If it’s good enough for the government, it should be good enough for this bunch of amateurs.” – Mamula, regarding sales tax revenues the state returns to towns

“If they defraud us, we’ll have them arrested.”- Mamula, again, in regards to the same

“We have a retreat Friday. We’ll start doling out money and cutting wages.” – Mamula again, discussing summer marketing expense requests

“You know how to sell return visits. You don’t drag their asses all the way over to Keystone. You bring them here, to a real golf course.” – Mamula. Again. Talking about how Vail Resorts buses its customers from the Village at Breckenridge Resort to golf at Keystone.

“If we’re ever looking for the one issue to unite all the Main Street merchants against us, it’d be that.” – Breck town Councilmember Larry Crispell, in reference to a town-wide paid parking program.

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