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Reporters’ Notebook

“Reporters’ Notebook” is a roundup of quotes, notes, bits and bites gleaned from meetings, events, press releases, e-mails or simply overheard on the street. Some of it is just for fun, and some of it is newsworthy tidbits that did not find a home in the other pages of the paper. Look for “Reporters’ Notebook” each Monday in the Summit Daily News.

“Powder is deep for us little guys; didn’t you know that?” – Roger McCarthy, chief operating officer of Keystone and Breckenridge resorts as he was adjusting a microphone stand at a Vail Resorts community meeting in Breckenridge.

“Your problem is not with me. It’s with your governor who is dead set against the monorail and will not allow it to be funded under his watch.” – Adam Aron, chief operating officer of Vail Resorts, responding to a question about his position on a monorail for Interstate 70. Aron went on to say he opposes the monorail, too, because he doesn’t think Americans can be weaned from their cars, the cost is too high and the technology is unproven.

“They are not poor people. The average income of people coming up from the Front Range is quite high.” – Aron on the influx of Front Range day skiers who increasingly are staying overnight, and the opportunities they represent.

“Suicide is what I call messing up with the product.” – Aron explaining the sanctity of Vail Resorts’ offerings and how budget cuts are behind the scenes with corporate overhead and waste.

“This project is not three weeks away … I have no clue about what will be built and when. All I know is we want to get something built in a reasonable amount of time.” – Aron addressing the future Breckenridge gondola or cabriolet that will carry skiers from the town parking lots to Peaks 7 and 8.

“A bunch of people think I’m the biggest horse’s A in the community because you can see my house.” – Gibson Hills homeowner Bob Collins, showing how fire mitigation opened up the forest around his house so it can be seen from the valley below. The community is discouraging ridgeline development to preserve forest views.

“They’re paid by the pit (they dig). It pays for your basic beer bill.” – Halmsted Morris of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC), talking about area avalanche forecasters who dig in the snow to determine how strong it is. (In an interesting side note, folks in the 1400s used to think avalanches were caused by witches.)

“There’s no such law as felony stupid.” – Bill Barwick, Alpine Search and Rescue Team, regarding the people factor in avalanches.

“Maybe misdemeanor stupid.” – CAIC’s Howard Paul.

“If you want to sell a product, you wouldn’t let a Division of Wildlife agent do it anymore than you’d let an account executive manage an elk herd.” – Howard Paul.

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