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Reporters’ Notebook

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“Reporters’ Notebook” is a roundup of quotes, notes, bits and bites gleaned from meetings, events, press releases, e-mails or simply overheard on the street. Some entries are just for fun, while others are newsworthy tidbits that did not find a home in the other pages of the paper.”This is a goof, this is lack of oversight, this is lack of due diligence … we will not cure it by taking on wetlands, filling them in and reducing the boundaries of Cucumber Gulch. We have a more expensive open space parcel than we should have but we have to move on.”- Breckenridge Mayor Ernie Blake commenting to the town council on the 8.6-acre Groll parcel the town bought in 2003, with officials thinking they could recoup $400,000 by selling a building lot. It turns out the land on Ski Hill Road, formerly in unincorporated Summit County, contains 120 square feet of seep wetlands by the roadway and five acres of the Cucumber Gulch wetlands complex, all bumping into the town’s 100-foot setback requirements. The town paid about $750,000 for the land, which is constrained and has no building lot.”I was struck at our Clean-Up Day that I did not see one (person from our Hispanic community). Somehow, we did not reach out to them. It should have been a nonthreatening event … it really disturbed me.”- Breckenridge Mayor Ernie Blake commenting on the lack of diversity in the volunteer corps at Clean-Up Day. His words came as Christina Carlson, executive director of the Family and Intercultural Resource Center, presented information on a plan to increase integration in Summit County.”The percentage Hispanics gave compared to the rest of our staff was staggering, it was about five times, percentagewise, as the rest of the staff.”- Breckenridge Town Councilmember Rob Millisor, an owner of the Grand Timber Lodge, commenting on staff participation in a payroll deduction program for gifts to The Summit Foundation.”A boatload of people came up to me at the town party complaining about the price of beer.”- Breckenridge Town Councilmember Jeffrey Bergeron commenting on beer prices at the town party, where a domestic draught was $3.75. Microbrew was $4.50 and margaritas were $5.”Selling beer is a no vote for me. During other events people get annihilated on the street. They come down to (my place) and we have to deal with them, Johnny (Daisy, owner of Fatty’s) has to deal with them. I am the guy who’s going to lose his liquor license.”- Breckenridge Town Councilmember Eric Mamula, owner of Downstairs at Eric’s, commenting on the prospect that music impresario Jeff Baum would support a free concert he wants to stage with beer sales.”Everything we do changes the character of the community. Every day, something slips away … That’s why we are fighting about Ullr Fest. The gate is opening and stuff just keeps running out.”- Breckenridge Town Councilmember Eric Mamula, talking about the prospect of paid parking in the town. He added roundabouts to the list.

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