Republican and proud of it |

Republican and proud of it

According to lette- writer W. Gerald Bird Jr. on Feb. 5, all right-wing conservative people are rich racists that only care about rich WASPs.

I don’t know what WASP means, but I bet it in itself is racist. If you are going to categorize a specific type of people and then call them racist, you are either ignorant or a racist yourself. Both, I guess.

I am a 29-year old man who loves my family, friends, God and country. I am by no means rich, but I am Republican. I do care about black and Hispanic minorities. I also care about Iraqi, Afghani and Palestinian people, along with all decent humans on this planet. My wife is Palestinian.

I am a man of conviction. I drive a silver Jeep Wrangler with an American flag on the spare tire and a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker.

Feel free to wave me down or pull me over and tell me what kind of racists Republicans are, or call me at (970) 333-1000.

You, my friend, appear to be the racist, the bigot, the tyrant – you’re a dime a dozen. We should praise people with honesty, integrity, common sense, and the will to sacrifice for the better of all humanity.

Instead, you condemn them for making this world a better place.

In conclusion: I am very proud of George Bush and his Cabinet. I am also proud of the American people for electing him and our new and improved Congress. I support the war against Saddam to rid the world of another jerk that truly is a racist tyrant who oppresses his own people for personal, egotistical gain.

Editor’s note: WASP is an old-fashioned term for White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, those said to make up the power elite, or at least exclusive country club memberships.

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