Republican bashing requires response: people did vote their consciences, and it was for the GOP |

Republican bashing requires response: people did vote their consciences, and it was for the GOP

During primary season, Jane Stebbins wrote an opinion piece about how she changed her party affiliation to Republican (gasp!) so that she could vote for her friend (now there’s voting your conscience!) in the Republican primary.

In her column, I think Jane managed to hit upon every single stereotype of a Republican that exists. Now if this stereotyping had been about blacks, Jews, gays or some other minority group, the article would never have seen the light of day.

Since the target of the stereotyping was Republicans, well that was OK. For the record, Jane, I have been a Republican since I first registered to vote, but I have never been on a yacht, I am by no means wealthy, and you could count the number of times I’ve played golf on one hand. I was very offended by the article, but I kept silent.

The latest offense, in the form of the opinion piece from County Commissioner Gary Lindstrom published Nov. 14, is just too much for me not to respond.

Lindstrom is proud of Summit County voters because, “In this national and state landslide for President George W. Bush’s agenda and Gov. Bill Owens’ first-term accomplishments, Summit County stands alone S we voted our consciences.”

Excuse me? Mr. Lindstrom, why is it that when Republicans vote for candidates who share their beliefs, they are strictly voting along party lines, but when Democrats – or Independents who vote strictly Democrat – vote for their candidates, that is considered voting their “conscience”? 

I have news for you Mr. Lindstrom – most people will vote their conscience regardless of party affiliation. There may be a few out there who vote for some other reason – perhaps voting for a friend? – but the main thing the recent election proves is our entire country votes its conscience.

It also proves that, despite your arrogance in thinking that only you are correct in how things should be done, the vast majority of the voters agree with how President Bush and Gov. Owens are running things.

 Get a clue commissioner. Just because most voters in this state and in this country disagreed with you in the recent election does not mean that Summit County is the last bastion of free thinking in America. Those votes were not bought, and they were not coerced – they were earned. People voted their conscience.

 By the way – my conscience is still bothering me regarding my vote in the county commissioners race, because I feel that I had to vote for the lesser of two evils.

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