Republicans love to talk tough, but they dodge the real issues about terrorism |

Republicans love to talk tough, but they dodge the real issues about terrorism

Rob FergusonBreckenridge

Republicans whose constant fear mongering leads them to support anti-American policies and principles, deliberately ignore these simple facts:Bush started office by refusing to strike al-Qaida in retaliation for its attack on the USS Stark, demoted the terrorism czar and ignored his warnings that bin Laden intended to strike inside the U.S.Before blundering into Iraq, Bush ignored CIA reports warning him about the dangers of postwar instability. Specifically, leaked CIA reports stated that rogue Ba’athist elements might team up with terrorist groups to wage a guerrilla war. Bush didn’t listen, and more than 10,000 American troops have been killed or injured in Iraq as a result.Meanwhile, the only terrorist in history to ever have possession of a weapon of mass destruction has operated under U.S. jurisdiction for the past three years. I am referring to the anthrax killer of course, who still walks free within our borders perhaps producing more weapons-grade anthrax. These are Bush’s failures.Bush has overextended our military to the point that our all-volunteer army is at risk of failing. While Republicans love to talk tough, they dodge combat-service faster than taxes, so military recruiters aren’t even coming close to filling the ranks. Bush further undermined our troops by attacking the Geneva Convention, by implementing policies of interrogation by torture, and by announcing that the United States may resort to nuclear first-strikes, and pre-emptive sneak-attacks in defiance of 226 years of honorable military heritage. Bush knows no honor.Now when rumors of a terrorist meeting reach U.S. forces, Bush has the whole building blown up and calls it justice. The White House doesn’t announce the body counts of the children killed in these attacks, but the Islamic world sees the photos and know it isn’t justice at all. As a common-sense liberal, I believe that even incredibly stupid Republicans deserve better results than this. Rather than re-elect the silver-spooned draft-dodger, I will vote for the genuine war hero who demonstrated his moral courage by speaking out against the unjust war he had just served in.And just so we’re clear, the Vietnam war was unjust because the U.S. canceled democratic elections scheduled for South Vietnam because the communist Ho Chi Minh was going to win. Vietnam was therefore a war against our own democratic principles, and John Kerry was right to speak against it. Do we have the moral courage to elect him?

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