Restricting smoking would lead to restriction on another freedom |

Restricting smoking would lead to restriction on another freedom

What is next? For the past few weeks, bordering on months, residents of Summit County have heard the lengthy and repetitive arguments regarding a ban on smoking.

My question to the people who are vehemently in favor of banning smoking is this: where will it stop?

It is the same argument that radio and television censorship has been dealing with for years. If you don’t like what is being broadcast on a certain channel, you have the right to change the channel.

Today, it starts with taking away an individual business owner’s decision for what is best for his personal property. Tomorrow, it will be what? What else will people think they have the right to decide for other people – having to wear yellow stars perhaps?

My point isn’t that smokers are being horribly persecuted. My point is, it is up to the business owner to decide what is best for his livelihood.

What makes this country great is that we are allowed to think and decide for ourselves.

What gives one the right to try and enforce this ban is the same right that should not allow it – freedom. I fully understand the argument that smoking and

second-hand smoke are very detrimental to one’s health.

This argument is absolutely correct. However, that does not give the right to enact a moral crusade that can negatively affect one’s ability to prosper – and with no say in the matter.

Yes, the ban would probably draw more people to an establishment that they would not ordinarily visit, but on the other hand, it would also drive smokers away from places that they most definitely would visit.

If you are worried about your health, don’t go to establishments that allow smoking. You have the freedom to decide that for yourself. Don’t take that right away from others. I’ll finish with the question I started with. If the minority can decide for the majority, where will it stop?

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