Results of the Frisco Barbecue Challenge |

Results of the Frisco Barbecue Challenge

Daily Staff Writer

A panel of judges sampled dishes from all the competitors in Friday and Saturday’s Frisco Barbecue Challenge. The people’s choice awards were given to the cooks after the public voted on ballots given to them after buying Buck-A-Bone tickets.Overall1. Pink Flamingo BBQ2. Pork Patrol3. Brews, Blues & BBQ4. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe5. Bo BBQ6. Team Danny7. Bullfeathers8. Flamin’ Yawns9. Bodacious Cookers10. Carrion/Hi-TechKid’s Que1. Cassie Parrish, 10, with Buzz’s Board2. Laney Lane, 10, with Harley’s Fencing Crew3. Kody Everly, 5, BullfeathersChicken1. Buzz’s Boar2. Flamin’ Yawns3. KT’s Queing Crew4. Pink Flamingo BBQ5. Carrion/Hi-Tech6. Pigskin BBQ7. Rini’s Bar & Grille8. Joint Chiefs of Smoke9. Brews, Blues & BBQ10. Blues on the SidePeople’s Choice: Wild ManPork Ribs1. Pink Flamingo BBQ2. Bullfeathers3. Bo BBQ4. Just Que Crazy5. Buffalo Smokin’ Bandits6. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe7. Bodacious Cookers8. Pork Patrol9. Mean Deans Smokin’ Machine10. Flamin’ YawnsPeople’s Choice: Big Mike’sPulled Pork1. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe2. Pink Flamingo BBQ3. KT’s Queing Crew4. Susie’s BBQ5. Buffalo Smokin’ Bandits6. Wildman BBQ7. Pork Patrol8. Bullfeathers9. Carrion/Hi-Tech10. Brews, Blues & BBQPeople’s Choice: Burnin’ Thurman’sBrisket1. Team Danny2. Up In Smoke3. Pork Patrol4. Brews, Blues & BBQ5. Joint Chiefs of Smoke6. Blues Brothers Barbecue7. Rini’s Bar & Grille8. Susie’s BBQ9. 4 Legs Up BBQ10. Burnin’ Thurman’s BBQPeople’s Choice: Wild ManSauce1. 4 Legs Up BBQ2. Pampaw’s BBQ Sauce3. Sir Francis Bacon4. Carrion/Hi-Tech5. Big Mike’s BBQ6. Blues Brothers Barbecue7. Blue RIver BBQ8. Burnin Bobs Butts N Bone9. Los Nerds BBQ Team10. Burnin Thurman’s BBQSide Dish1. Rini’s Bar & Grille2. 4 Legs Up BBQ3. Brews, Blues and BBQ4. 1-2 BBQ5. Brooks Smokehouse6. KT’s Queing Crew7. Pink Flamingo BBQ8. Bodacious Cookers9. Got Smoke10. Joint Chiefs of SmokePeople’s Choice: Joint Chiefs of SmokeSalsa1. Team Cuisine!2. Brews, Blues & BBQ3. Sweetheart City Smokers4. Blues Brothers Barbecue5. Buzz’s Boar6. Los Nerds BBQ Team7. Mountain Lyon Cafe8. Bodacious Cookers9. The Husky Team10. Up In SmokeDessert1. Buzz’s Boar2. Blues Brothers Barbecue3. Up In Smoke4. Lucky’s Have BBQ5. The Husky Team6. Pink Flamingo BBQ7. Joint Chiefs of Smoke8. Bodacious Cookers9. Flamin’ Yawns10. 1-2 BBQ People’s Choice: The Husky TeamMisc.1. The Husky Team2. Up In Smoke3. Los Nerds BBQ Team4. Bodacious Cookers5. The Arizona Kid6. Buzz’s Boar7. Harley’s Fencing Crew8. Brews, Blues & BBQ9. Bad to the Bone – Again10. Rini’s Bar & GrillePeople’s Choice: Putts Brothers

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