Review of history and how it relates to Iraq |

Review of history and how it relates to Iraq

I, too, am a history buff and can recall when Hitler marched contemptuously into, and occupied the Rhineland, which was stripped from Germany by the Versailles Treaty of 1919.

The French army at the time outnumbered the Germans 4-to-1, yet the French didn’t act.

Reading about the friction in the Middle East, I wonder what the lives of the Jews, Arabs and Iraqis would be like if Hitler had won. A wailing wall? Independent nations? Oil profits? I think not. With all the Arabian oil, Germany could truly have been master of the world.

Today a defiant Saddam Hussein confronts a much more powerful, determined U.S.

Personally, I believe Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair have proof that Saddam Hussein does possess weapons, or the material and know-how to produce weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, their plans to invade and occupy Iraq are logical. (I find it a bit amusing that they can’t reveal the source of this proof.)

But I’m worried we’re entering a period of negativity similar to 1912-14, when we were sidetracked from our pursuit of higher consciousness by two truly evil men: Kaiser Wilhelm and Gen. von Ludendorff.

Talk of a negative force is taboo in the social, political sphere and therefore in the media, but I know such a force exists. My advice: If you find yourself upset at your opponents, be they doves or hawks, please realize that you are feeding with your ire the giant cauldron on which the negative force feeds. Take your stand, but take love along.

Stuart “Boot” Gordon

fighter pilot, WWII,

Korean War


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