Richard Brown: Don’t forget GOP’s follies |

Richard Brown: Don’t forget GOP’s follies

Richard Brown

All of the cable news talking heads are currently discussing how it is very possible that the Republicans could take back the Senate and the House during the 2010 midterm elections. Have Americans forgotten in two years time what eight years of Bush, Cheney and a Republican Congress perpetrated upon the American people?

Afghanistan was to be a police action to locate Bin Laden and al-Qaeda – not nation building. The Bush administration said Iraq had nuclear capabilities, weapons of mass destruction, connections with al-Qaeda and 9/11, and was a direct and immediate threat to the U.S. – all of which were proven lies.

Over 5,000 Americans have died, more than 35,000 seriously wounded and thousands more resorting to suicide, alcohol or drugs. Hundreds of thousands of Afghanistan and Iraqi civilians have perished. This travesty has destroyed an unfathomable number of families, alienated the international community, destabilized the Middle East, increased terrorism and stretched our military and economy to the breaking point.

Bush and the Republican Congress supported our troops by reducing combat pay, refusing military tax relief, cutting $172 million from aid programs for military children, capping raises for lower grades, and cutting $25 billion in veteran’s benefits over the next 10 years.

They took us from a $128 billion surplus to a $490 billion deficit – without even including the two wars in the budget, while further lowering taxes for the rich and corporations and shifting the tax burden to the middle class and poor. They had devastated our economy, environment, and families with further deregulation of corporations – whose sole concern is the immediate gratification of stockholders.

Have they forgotten the counterproductive “Clear Skies,” “Healthy Forest Initiative” and “No Child Left Behind” programs? What about the new nuclear and depleted uranium weapons, atrocities at Abu Ghraib, civil rights abuse at Guantanamo, non-accountable Blackwater mercenaries, unconstitutional Patriot Act, broken international treaties and laws, and Cheney’s gathering of the fossil fuel giants behind closed doors to come up with our country’s energy policy? This is just a fractional list.

How could these destructive and despicable actions ever be forgotten? Now the Republican party of NO consistently thwarts any attempt at bipartisanship in their stated endeavor to assure that Obama and the Democrats are not re-elected – despite the obvious benefits to our country and its middle-class and poor.

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